Motherboard Repair Process and Timeframe

Motherboard Level Chromebook Repairs
Most of our Chromebook hardware repairs take 7-10 days (in the summer, when we get 3-4 times our normal load, it takes longer). The one exception are surface-mount motherboard repairs. These generally take 10-20 days to fix.
Diagnosing Motherboard Damage
The most frequent indication of a motherboard issue is a dead device - it doesn't turn on even when plugged in. However, before we declare a device "dead" there are several other issues we look for:
  1. A bad battery.
  2. A damaged charging port.
  3. Bad LCD connection (or burned out LCD).
This entire process takes a technician about 30 minutes and if none of these are the issue, it's time to declare it a motherboard problem.
Note on Chromebook Charging PortsSome Chromebooks have the charging port on a daughterboard that is easy to replace. In these cases, we consider this a standard hardware repair and fix it right away. This is not a motherboard repair.

However, many new Chromebook models (especially USB-C devices) have the charging port soldered on to the motherboard. In these cases, the charge port repair IS a motherboard repair and will take longer to fix
Note on Liquid DamageWe do not try to fix liquid damaged devices. These devices, even if you can fix it initially, will have more problems in the future as corrosion continues to spread. These devices generally turn into a huge headache for everyone involved, so if we notice liquid damage, we mark the device unfixable.
Motherboard Repair ProcessOnce we've diagnosed a device as motherboard issue, we work with a local, 3rd party vendor that is an expert in surface mount repairs.
  1. We ship all motherboard damaged devices once a week to our partner.
  2. 1-2 weeks later they deliver the devices back to us. They have about a 75% success rate with these repairs.
  3. We run a full diagnostic on the returned devices. This can include fixing other issues we encounter.
  4. We package it up and ship it back to you.
What about the rest of my order?In many cases a small percentage (if any) devices in a shipment will require a motherboard repair. Instead of waiting for the motherboard repairs to come back, we fix all the rest of your devices as quickly as we can and ship those back right away. Then when the motherboards are returned to us, we send those back to you in a separate shipment. There's no extra charge to you for this extra shipping.

In this way, you get the bulk of your shipment back quickly.