New Chromebook Repair Prices

Expanding Inventory
On the 1st of September this year we will be changing (and simplifying) most of our pricing:
  • $35 for individual key replacements.
  • $49 for software issues.
  • $99 for all other, non-touch screen repairs.
Touchscreen repairs will still need to be custom pricing because of the vast difference in touchscreen prices.
In addition, most secondary repairs (when we do multiple repairs on a single device) will be $35. A big exception will be individual key replacements - those will be $15 as a secondary repair.

There are a few other repairs that have slightly different pricing (like software resets, some simple cosmetic issues, and things like that). For a definitive pricing, please contact us and we'd be happy to get you a detailed quote.
Why the new pricing?To be true to our company value of open & honest communication, I want to be upfront that this is a price increase for many repairs. Our goal is to provide customers with the best and easiest device repair solution in the industry. We think our new pricing is competitive, and at the same time provides us with extra resources to continue improving our service.

There are also several logistical reasons why we needed to raise some prices:
  1. Increased parts costs. Serious supply chain issues (like chip shortages) over the past year have lead to higher parts costs. For the most part we've been absorbing these costs but now it's time to account for them.
  2. Shipping costs. We've done the math and it costs $7-$10 to ship each Chromebook. This represents a significant percentage of our costs and we needed to account for this.
  3. Labor costs. Beyond the current labor shortage (which is real), another one of our core values is taking great care of our employees. This means paying good wages and providing health insurance, paid time off, a retirement plan, and other benefits. Doing this helps us find and keep great employees. This is critical to providing a great service - and it's also the right thing to do.
  4. Growing business. In the past year our business has tripled! This rapid growth causes some problems and extra expenses. For example, we now require a dedicated shipping & handling person and had to hire a full-time manager to keep things running smoothly. These are "good problems" to have but are still problems that have to be addressed.
When does it take effect?This new pricing goes into effect on September 1, 2021. Any devices received before then will be done at the existing price structure and anything received after that will use this new pricing.